02 Dec 2019

M&S Opening Archway

Our retained client, Marks & Spencer have recently opened a New Simply Food Store in North London’s Archway, which may be smaller than the usual Food Store Format at 6500 sq ft, but its certainly not small in its offering to the people of this up and coming area. Right at the heart of Archway’s new development and next door to its bustling tube station, this is the ideal store location for customers on the move.

The new addition to Archway’s growing retail scene will act as a trial store for M&S and showcase the new fridges that will now be associated with all Food openings as well as being under the new brand name M&S Food. This comes at a time of great change in both M&S and Archway’s image. The positioning of Islington Borough and neighbourhood on the energetic Northern Line has boosted the area’s popularity. A change in thinking at M&S has meant that all the stores are getting a new look too. That’s what makes this successful opening so perfect.

MMX Retail are proud to be solely retained by Marks & Spencer to assist with all their property matters inside of the M25. Please contact Howard Quigley, David Hobbs or David Justice to discuss further.